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Our History

Fabrizio Vitellino, General Manager and Founder of Buy in Sicily Real Estate, is a member of FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents) and of the Chamber of Commerce of London, both synonymous with certainty for the customer and also with professionalism.
Fabrizio, has started the profession of Real Estate Agent in 1996 in Milan, gaining professionalism and passion for this job. After getting his experience he decided to go back to his beloved Sicily, and driven by the love for his island he planned and developed a new on-line Real Estate Agency. Through the websites of  Etna and of  Buy in Sicily  Real Estate, and by leading a very cohesive and dedicated group, he is able to offer to all of his clients services of very high quality by helping them with the purchase and sell of real estates in all Sicily.
Buy in Sicily Real Estate team, besides taking care of the local clients, it also deals with the increasing request coming from foreign clients, who really like Sicily and the beauty it has to offer, the Real Estate Network is, thus, only dedicated to exclusive properties, which is able to satisfy the requests of the more demanding clients: the Prestige Property and the section Luxury of
As much important is the planning and the development of, the ideal website for the rent of vacation homes in Italy, born at the beginning in Sicily, and, successively, getting a foothold in all Italy, it has widen its offer of accommodation facilities, as B&B, villas on the beach, chalet in the mountain, residences and so on.
The success gained so far by our team is given by the variety of the offer, which goes from the apartment in the city to the villa located on our beautiful hills or in the suggestive countries, from the new construction buildings to the little and big real estate investments, from the luxurious villas with pool right across the Sicilian coasts to the historical dwelling in all Sicily, to the rent for holidays, to the loans at a subsidized rate and to the renovation, but especially for the care in following all the clients who trust Buy in Sicily!

Our Insurance For Liability as required by law:

We highly recommend when you contact Real Estate Agencies both Domestic and International mainly to check that they are duly registered and authorized to practice law in Italy and that they are in possession of valid insurance to protect the consumer.

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