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Ragusa is a sicilian province of Iblei Mounts, where you can visit history and cultural churches. You can admire: in XXIV Maggio street the Santa Maria delle Scale church, rebuilt after a big earthquake; the seventeenth Santa Maria dellIdria church, located in Ragusa Ibla; the baroque Casentini Palace and Bertini Palace, made at the end of the eighteenth century; the baroque Basilica of San Giorgio, ended in 1775, characterized by an Eighteenth dome 40 meters high carried by 16 columns. You can also visit San Giuseppe church which still keeps inside numerous baroque works alive; SantAntonio church; the municipal villa in which there is the Capuchin church with the monastery, san Giacomo and San Domenico monasteries. Another interesting building is San Giovanni cathedral, built between 1706 and 1760, with the baroque faade and tower bell.To see is Ragusa Ibla, in particular the old town. With baroque monuments and narrow streets. The view is wonderful. Several baroque churches have been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693.


At only kilometers from Ragusa southbound, overlooking the African sea, Marina di Ragusa is a pleasant and elegant, tourist-seaside town. It is well equipped and the most famous of the South-east Sicily, it has a Mediterranean weather good for more than 8 months at year. It is a place for vacation and entertainment, it offers very good opportunities for relax and entertainment, it houses, during the summer season, more than 60.000 vacationers coming from all south-east Sicily, housing Italian and foreign tourists that more and more love its golden sand beaches. Its riviera is populated by night clubs, pubs, restaurants and shops that offer the best of the catering and shopping, in a peaceful and neat background, it is well-kept by its mild people, jealous of its high quality life. From Marina di Ragusa you can reach many other Sicilian places in just one day.



In Rimembranza square there is the Musso palace, built in 1926, characterized by numerous decorative elements in liberty style. in back of the square there is Cabrera tower, built in the sixteenth century to defend the storage against the continuous pirates incursions; afterwards it became one of few private towers inserted in the defensive system of the Sicilian coasts. Also to see is the mother church and the city hall.  Tedeschi Villa is remarkable, it was built at the end of the nineteenth century.
Going from the square towards Vittorio Veneto corso you reach to the promenade closed off by the large port.
Scoglitti: It overlooks Mediterranean Sea and its position gets to reach easily all them ost important aristic and beautiful locations of the east Sicilian coast.



 MODICA: San Giorgio Duomo is located in the high town, prototype of the seventeenth churches of Sicily, baroque masterpieces of Val di Noto, it is one of the most beautiful churches of all Sicily.
Donnafugata castle is of very good scenery impression, many times used as a movie set. In the current shape the castle, or residential villa, is of the second half of the nineteenth century.


The small town overlooks the sea from a little hill and it is a very considerable archeological place, next the famous cave where it is located the old town (Spaccaforno) the destroyed by the earthquake of 1693.

Flourishing and happy town, it preserved its old name Spaccaforno till 1935. The charming of this place, rich of caves, necropolis and churches, has captured in the centuries a lot of artists and writers. Among the caves that plough through Iblei Mounts, one of the most attractive is Ispica cave, a canyon 13 km long dug by Ispica stream.  The cave has got the accounts of a constant attendance of the man since its first Sicanian settlements.



Donnalucata: the importance of the town is due to the landing facility, it was, for this reason, the natural port of Scicli, in the Arabian time was called Marsa Sikla, that is port of Scicli. A little bit higher, in Milici place, there is Madonna delle Milizie church, preceded  by a big arch that leads to the courtyard where there is an entry portal. The church has been subjected to many repairing during the centuries that have caused the loss of the original style; at the moment you can still see the rest of the Norman tower and of a monastery. Another important monument of Donnalucata is the Duomo, built in 1883 with calcarenite blocks. Scicli is one of the most important center of the Sicilian baroque path, like Noto, Ragusa and Modica. The baroque determines one of the happiest times of the architecture of the town.
There are many examples of the baroque style churches are: Beneventano Palace, Santa Teresa church, San Bartolomeo church and other architectural buildings rebuilt between sixteenth and seventeenth century based on models of the sixteenth century.