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The Trapanese territory has numerous features tied one another that constitute the soul of this province. Ecology, traditions, architecture, beaches, gastronomy, archeology, mystery, history, adventure, handicraft, culture represent a unique chain that tie all the centers and all the people.
The remarkable importance of the Trapanese saltpans is due to the high centering of salt in the water of the Mediterranean sea and to the mild weather.



Castellammare del golfo is a famous seaside town, a very important shopping center for the export of agricultural products, Castellammare houses numerous churches, in which inside there are prestigious fresco paintings and sculptures. Center of tourist attraction, the town offers several paths thank to the wonderful beauty of its coasts and to the lush Mount Inici, among the highest of the province. Balestrate is a small tourist center just for a tract interrupted by a new port. It is the last Municipality of the province of Palermo, that confines with the first province of Trapani: Alcamo. From Balestrate you overlook the sea as  from a balcony of a house: the landscape is enchanting, you can see the promenade which has recently renovated. Scopello is a beautiful small marina village built around an eighteenth-century beam that still today ovelooks the central square of the village. The beautiful big rocks of Scopello rise rough and full of vegetation in front of the homonymous tuna nets, the sea laps a wonderful inlet.



In the village of Erice overlook the flowering yards close off by the walls, small houses, narrow roads paved with rocks and drawings, on the  highest point of the town, near the remains of the temple, there is Venere Castle adjacent the wonderful gardens of the Beam from where you can see the large and enchanting view on the Egadi islands, Trapani saltpans and the west coast of Sicily. Tourist center, also known as science town, populated by typical artisan shops, you can also see the decorated potteries, the hand-made carpets, and the traditional almonds sweets.



The Zingaro Reserve offers enchanting coast landscapes on a beautiful sea still clear, as the cove of Torre dellUzzo, small coves with beaches, slopes, Mediterranean vegetation; a real paradise for botanists, for entomologists and for the tourist who looks for wonderful places. The Zingaro attracts for its sour beauty, for the colors of its beach with white coves and with  blue-green shimmer, it attracts the visitor who looks for the unpolluted nature, for the wildlife, for the archeological prehistoric sites, where the marks of the interaction between man and nature, yesterday as today, are, more than ever, real clear.



The most appreciated place of Sicily for its beautiful beach with the white sand brushed by an incredible blue-green clearness water. To see is the Cous cous Festival that takes place every year in September, where numerous Sicilians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians take part in the contest for the packaging of this special dish, the contest ends up with the public tasting of the same dishes.


Pantelleria is the biggest of the satellite Sicilian islands, with a surface of 83 Km, it is also the most western: only 84 km from the African continent, it is at the same latitude of Tunisi. The weather is hot but temperate by the omnipresent winds that blow real strong and that justifies the name of Qawsarah o Bent el Rion, Daughter of the Wind, given by the Arabians. The actual name is of Greek or Byzantine origins and it means Land rich of gifts.
The broken coasts, wet by a clear beach, the richness of the depths, the craggy slopes with terrace cultivations hedged in by dry-stone small walls, the typical dammusi (see beyond), give a beauty and extraordinary features to this island that, with the color of its land, given by the basaltic rocks, has also made a nickname, the black pearl of the Mediterranean sea.



The Egadi islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, detach themselves from Trapani and from the all southern coastal. You can reach the islands in few minutes from Trapani port, but as soon as you get to the Egadi you feel away from everything, you are submerged in a unpolluted and beautiful landscape.
Favignana: there are two main beaches: Cala Azzurra, small sandy bay south of the town, and the large beach of Lido Burrone, still in the south, but a little moved to west. These beaches can be reached by your own way or with bus that every hour makes the route. More spectacular and fascinating are the rocky coves, in particular Cala Rossa and the near Cala del Bue Marino. Levanzo island, north of the Egadi, in front of Favignana port, the lone island, is a haven of peace for people who love the quiet, the silence and ones next-door neighbors,  you all live together, islanders and foreigners, outside, the only road that cross the small village, gathered in Cala Dogana south with its small port, it is the smallest of the archipelago. Marettimo: a mountain with the steep and craggy chalky faces is the main feature of the island. The most reticent of the islands, it only opens its doors to the most curious tourists, it has only a small port and any hotels. You could stay at the fishermens houses who offer their hospitality.



The town of Segesta maintains one of the best uncorrupted temple of Doric art and an amphitheater that stands majestic in the middle of a large and enchanting valley that overlooks the entire Castellammare Gulf and it is composed of a half circle cave cut through the rock, where, in the hot Sicilian summers go back to revive  performances that recall the old-time atmosphere. Segesta was also famous for its spa, today still used, and of which Diodoro Siculo tells that nymphs created them to make the rest of Ercole more confortable.  The remains of Selinunte themselves justify a trip to Sicily, because it is onle of most beautiful and suggestive place.



Alcamo, the Arabian name was Manzil Alkamah, is the place of lotus fruits, it is an agricultural center between Trapani and Palermo, in the heart of a blooming valley of vineyards whose product is the famous Alcamo Doc wine. The territory includes also the tourist center of Alcamo Marina that is spread over kilometers of sand beach, and also of the municipality of Castellammare del Golfo till the old Arabian fort Calatubo castle.